Parliament refutes media allegations that MPs want parliament to pay their OTT tax

By Ritah Kemigisa.

Parliament has dismissed media reports that Members of parliament led by the Obongi county MP Kaps Fungaroo want parliament to pay their OTT tax.

According to a letter from the clerk to parliament Jane Kibirigye, the content generated by the media is a misconception and wrong.

Kibirige says MPs have personal phones that they use for communication, including social media, for which they pay the OTT Tax.

He adds that the data contract signed with Parliament before the advent of the OTT Tax leaves the duty of loading bundles on MPs Ipads to only the service provider.

Kibirigye adds that Fungaroo only asked Parliament to revisit the terms of the contract to either allow them pay for their OTT Tax or the service provider bears the cost because their restricted access is constraining their work and interaction with their constituents and the public.