Parliament raises red flag over mysterious cargo exiting oil fields in Bunyoro

The Parliamentary Committee on Internal Affairs and Defense has raised a red flag over mysterious cargo alleged to contain crude oil that is currently being stealthily shipped outside the oil fields in Bunyoro region.

Hassan Kaps Fungaroo, a committee member of the says they have discovered that some trucks are exiting oil fields loaded with unknown content heavier than when they got into the oil fields.

He said that the committee was told of crude oil that needed to be shipped out of the country for testing but since mid 2017, the shipping of the samples has not stopped.

Energy Ministry recently explained that some stock of crude oil that was meant to be shipped abroad for testing expired after overstaying creating need for fresh one crude oil.

Uganda is expected to begin commercial oil production by 2020 but particular costs and details about the oil and gas industry extraction have remained a mystery given the confidentiality of the exploration and extraction agreements between government and the companies dealing in it.