Parliament laughs off witchcraft allegations against Kadaga


By Ritah Kemigisa

Parliament has laughed off allegations made by a traditional healer who has since sued the speaker of parliament Rebecca kadaga for contract breaching after he allegedly helped her become prominent.

The traditional healer identified as Damian Akuze dragged Kadaga to Jinja High Court for failing to pay shs 200M for the charm he gave her 29 years ago to assume the highest office in Uganda.

According to a statement dated 31st January 2019 signed by the clerk to parliament Jane Kibirigye, the claims that Kadaga approached him for the charms in 1990 are not true since she became an MP in 1989.

Kibirige adds that the speaker has reached where she is now through hard work and her God given talent of harnessing the good in others.

She has now called for the dismissal of Akuze’s fraudulent allegations by court since they are grave in nature since they imply she bewitched the whole country and the president inclusive.