Parliament Goes on Recess

Parliament has gone on recess until Thursday, June 4, when it will reconvene for the State of the Nation address.

The address is a President’s speech to Parliament, outlining the government’s view of the state of national affairs as well as planned legislation.

It usually takes place one week before the minister of Finance reads the next Financial Year’s budget.
The deputy speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah, says at the MPs will not be allowed to enter International Conference Centre in Kampala, where Parliament will sit for the addresswith their iPads, mobile phones and laptops.

“Due to the ever present threat of terrorism,” MrOulanyah told legislators, “you must come along with your invitation card. Security will be uncompromising on this.”

During last year’s State of the Nation address, President Museveni said his government would focus on agriculture, industry, services and Information and Communication Technology.

These, he said, would create more employment and contribute to wealth creation.
To ensure agriculture goes on all–year round, he said the government would avail affordable mini–irrigation equipment.

On the other hand, to encourage the growth of industry, government would endeavour to provide manufacturers with electricity at a cost of $0.04 (Shs30.72) per unit, down from Shs337.97).

This would contribute to lowering the cost of doing in Uganda and, therefore, attract manufacturers from elsewhere in the world to Uganda.

To improve transport services, the government was to purchase earthmovers from Japan to construct roads.

Official figures on what has been achieved between June 2014 and June 2015 are yet to be released.