Parliament Called From Short Recess

Members of parliament have been recalled from their short recess tomorrow.

Information from parliament’s public relations office indicates that the House will sit at 2.00pm to consider the Anti-Terrorism (Amendment) Bill, 2015.

The Bill seeks to amend the Anti-Terrorism Act 2002 to harmonize the definition of “funds” with that in the International Convention on the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism, 1999;

It is also aimed at amending the definitions of “terrorism” and “acts of terrorism” to include the international aspects envisaged by the convention; and for related purposes.

It also seeks to provide a suite of measures which are specifically designed to strengthen and improve Uganda’s counter-terrorism legislative framework to comply with Uganda’s international obligations and respond to terrorism threats.

It was referred to the Defense and Internal Affairs Committee on 30th April 2015.