Oxfam Calls For Support For Women In Food Production

The 2015 Global Hunger Index report, released last week by the International Food Policy Research Initiative shows that hunger in Uganda has significantly declined since 2000.
However, this is far from the reality in Karamoja where one in every two Karimojong is officially rated in “emergency food insecurity” situation with nothing to eat.
It is against this background that Oxfam Uganda is calling for deliberate action against hunger resulting from effects of climate change.
Mr.Peter Kamalingin, the country director says climate change is already affecting Uganda’s ability to produce enough food.
Mr. Kamalingin notes that 80% of food in Uganda is produced by the poor women but sadly not much is done to support their efforts towards food production.
As part of the Pan Africa Women Food and Climate Justice campaign, Oxfam Uganda is asking government to prioritize and invest more in climate resilient technologies.
The campaign also challenges leaders especially in Africa to push for binding and enforceable agreements.

Oxfam and other partners is leading a campaign to demand for leaders to act now. By logging on to www.womenfoodclimate.org or beeping on 0702 100 209 members of the public can sign a petition to demand action from leaders.

Story By Catherine Ageno