Over 640,000 students registered for PLE

Over 640,000 students have been registered to take their Primary Leaving Examination for the 2016 throughout the country which kicks off tomorrow.

According to the Executive Secretary Dan N. Odongo, the above pupils are to take their exams in 12,391 centers with 311,511 being male and 329,340 being female

Odongo notes that the distribution of examination materials is proceeding smoothly and is being done using 22 routes asserting that Officers from the Field Force Unit of the Uganda Police are providing security on all the routes to ensure that the materials are safe.

He also explains that a total of 114 district monitors and 9,216 scouts have been deployed as well as unspecified number of security personnel to operate overtly and covertly to ensure the examination is conducted in accordance with the Regulations on Conduct of Examinations.

The however warned schools against the acts of malpractice in the examination for their results will be cancelled.