Over 3000 foreigners involved in crime in 2018

By Ritah Kemigisa.

A total of 3,263 foreign nationals were involved in crime in 2018 throughout the country.

This is according to the police annual crime report of the year 2018.

According to the director Criminal investigations Grace Akullo, 2,069 were accused while a total of 1,194 were victims of crime for a period covering January to December 2018.

The report shows that majority of the foreigners were involved in immigration acts with Rwandans topping the list at 1085 registered cases followed by Congolese at 185.

Meanwhile 92 Congolese, 65 Sudanese and 109 Rwandans were involved in both defilement and Theft crimes.

Over 300 Asian nations were victims of crime followed by 207 Congolese nationals, 204 South Sudanese nationals and 141 Rwandan nationals among others.