Over 30 Pupils of Mityana Junior School Attacked By Suspected Demons 


Lessons stand at Mityana Junior School in Central Division, Mityana municipality after strange things believed to be demons attacked a section of pupils today.

According to the parents, since the beginning of the term, pupils have been unable to attend their lessons complaining to have sickness which health workers not to be diagnosed leading to the closure of the school for some time.

Rev. Wilberforce Sseguya the head teacher of the school said , it has took now a month when the strange things whom the residents claims to be demons attacked pupils but lessons have been conducted on required,  the claimed to be demons have been attacking pupils one by one until when it today came to worst moment where by over 30 pupils have been attacked

“Some appeared like they had mental problems, shouting and jumping, while others were very weak. Rev. Sseguya explained.

We have tried all the means taking the attacked pupils to hospital for medication and praying every day but all in vain. Reverend added

Parents were called up to take back their pupils home until further notice.

The residents of  Namukozi who the neighbors of the school tried to attack the head teacher Rev Wilberforce Sseguya alleging that he might be  knowing something  about these strange things but police reached in time and managed to rescue his life.

Mr Isa Ntumwa the Deputy Resident District Commissioner mityana district said, the school has been closed for some time until they normalize the situation.

“We have noticed that the residents of Mityana believes in demons and witches, we have been told that behind the school there is a man who bought evil spirits to enlarge on his riches and the residents believe that they might be among who attacked the pupils.RDC said.