Over 30 magistrates transfered

By Francis Mugerwa

37 magistrates and registrars have been transferred.

This is been confirmed by the Chief registrar Paul Gadenya in an internal memo to judicial officers dated September 29th.

Wolimbwa says the transfers have been made in Court registries and magistracy.

“Transfers of registrars and magistrates will take effect on 10th October and 1st November 2017, respectively. All the affected judicial officers should arrange to hand over their offices in accordance with chapter 1, section F-d of the standing orders of Government of Uganda” Wolimbwa said.
He says these are normal transfers and some of them are as a result of filling gaps while others are a result of the need in other courts.

The memo is addressed to all justices of the Supreme Court, justices of the Court of appeal, Judges of the High Court, all registrars, all deputy registrars, assistant registrars, Chief magistrates,Grade one and Grade two magistrates.

The memo referenced HC/CR/JTO.1, is also copied to the Chief Justice Bart Katureebe, the Deputy Chief Justice, the Principal Judge Dr Yorokam Bamwine and the Permanent secretary to the Judiciary.

Among those transferred is Lilian Bucyana who has been a Nakawa chief magistrate and is now the Assistant Registrar on assignment at commercial court & small scale procedure courts.

Esther Nambayo who has been deputy registrar land division moves to the court of appeal among other transfers.