Otunu asking the other members to reject Akena as party president

Infighting continues within the Uganda People’s Congress party, with the faction led by Dr Olara Otunu asking the other members to reject Jimmy Akena as the party president.

The National chairman of the Otunu Faction Prof. Edward Kakonge says the party Members should stop treating Akena as the party president, saying this was a resolution made during the Party’s national council meeting held in Mukono last week, which Akena’s Faction treated as illegal.

On Friday last week the Court of Appeal issued an interim order staying the implementation of High court orders that had revoked the election of James Akena as president of the Uganda People’s Congress party.

This is after the Deputy Chief Justice Steven Kavuma heard Akena’s application in which he restrained his rivals including Joseph Bbosa, Prof. Edward Kakonge and Otto Imizza from interfering with Akena’s leadership and running of the party’s bank accounts both at Orient and Barclays Banks, until the main appeal is determined.

Justice  Kavuma’s order   reversed  orders of High court Judge Yasin Nyanzi issued on  in August /2016 cancelling the election of James Akena as UPC president.