Opposition outperforms NRM in local governments

Opposition leaders have again outperformed their NRM counterparts, according to the annual Local Government Score Card Report released ACODE this afternoon.

Forum for Democratic Change’s Martin Mapenduzi of Gulu district and Salaam Musumba of Kamuli emerged the best out of the 30 district chairpersons assessed.

ACODE’s Project Manager Lillian Tamale says despite their composition of only 11% in local councils, opposition councilors still debate better that those of the ruling NRM.

Tamale however says the report indicates that NRM councilors are performing better in monitoring government projects.

The scorecard initiative has been an exercise that should help leaders at the local government level realize their areas of weakness and strength and act accordingly to make their districts better.

According to Gulu district chairman Martin Ojara Mapenduzi, over the years, the scorecard has helped him understand what he was doing right and where he needs to improve.

This is the second time Mapenduzi is named best performing district chairman, the first being in the financial year 2011/2012 when he had just assumed office.

Last year, he was ranked second after the Kabarole district chairman John Rwabuhunda took the number one slot.

He says the initiative has created a lot of impact with increased citizen participation in several government programs.