Opposition MPs demand withrawal of military deployment

By Benjamin Jumbe:

Opposition legislators have said they will not tolerate the heavy military presence at parliament.

Heavy security presence was seen yesterday ahead of a much anticipated age limit debate which the speaker deferred to next week.

After a plenary session that was characterized by drama and chaotic scenes, the Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanya differed the matter to Tuesday next week.

Aruu county MP Odonga Otto now demands that all these extra military and police officers deployed together with the anti-riot trucks stationed outside parliament be removed before the next plenary session.
He adds that instead of wasting time on the age limit debate now, focus should be on how to promote peace and development.

Meanwhile, the Uganda Law Society has called for more involvement of the citizens in processes seeking to amend the constitution.

In a statement, the society’s President Francis Gimara says discussions over constitutional amendments should be widely participatory and not restricted to the chambers of Parliament.

He argues that although Parliament can singularly run through the entire process of amending Article 102 (b)of the constitution, in the spirit of constitutionalism the exercise must be consultative so as not to introduce a situation of political instability and constitutional disorder.