Opposition Decries Siege Of Their Leaders’ Homes

Members of the opposition have continued to condemn police’s action of besieging homes of their colleagues.

This is after police blocked some opposition politicians and prevented them from leaving their homes ahead of tomorrow’s swearing ceremony of the president –elect Yoweri Museveni.

Shadow Internal Affairs Minister Muwanga Kivumbi says all these actions are illegal and a confirmation that the police force is only being used to suppress the will of the people.

Police however maintains that the move is only meant to ensure the celebrations are not disrupted, since the opposition Forum for Democratic Change had vowed to stage countrywide demonstrations in protest of the event.

They claim the swearing in is culmination of what they insist was a fraudulent election, a claim the NRM has refuted.

Meanwhile, government has declared tomorrow a public holiday as the president swears in for a fifth-  elective five year term.

The announcement was made yesterday by first Deputy Prime Minister Henry Muganwa Kajura who said the move is meant to enable as many Ugandans as possible attend the swearing –in ceremony to be held at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds.