Ofwono Opondo – Besigye seeking media attention

By Benjamin Jumbe.

Government spokesman Ofwono Opondo says former presidential candidate Dr Kiiza Besigye and his followers will not be able to actualize their threat to depose the NRM Government before the 2021 general elections

Last week, Dr Besigye and other opposition members largely from the FDC launched what they called a people`s assembly and named a new team of ministers in the People`s Government.

At the even Dr Besigye said they will use all means to oust Government even before the next general elections

However Opondo has told journalists at media centre that similar threats were made in the past and nothing happened arguing that Dr Besigye has lost ground and is trying to re-event himself

He also spoke about a recent statement by Rwandan president Paul Kagame that Uganda has been acting on rumors from Rwandan dissidents in South Africa to support subversion against Rwanda