Ocampo calls for joint reconciliation

Kony 2

Former ICC Chief Prosecutor, Luis Moreno Ocampo says joint reconciliation could be one of the means of the much needed healing for communities affected by civil war in Northern Uganda.

Ocampo, who is in the country as an education ambassador, says communities directly affected by the LRA conflict have not been able to move on due to internal accusations, mainly against the Acholi, a tribe from which LRA leader, Joseph Kony hails.

He says religious and local leaders should play an integral role in bringing the communities to seek justice as one front.

Meanwhile, he says the quest to have LRA leader, Joseph Kony convicted for crimes against humanity should not stop.

Ocampo believes Kony and his henchmen should pass through the legal justice system.

Last week, the Acholi Paramount Chief, Rwot David Onen Acana said Uganda should continue its pursuit for the traditional justice system, known as Mato Oput, for the LRA rebels.

Ocampo however says even though traditional systems can be integrated, the ICC still needs to hold the LRA accountable for their crimes.