Nyanzi Ad hoc Committee Starts Work Today

The Ad hoc committee that was instituted by Makerere University to investigate the row between Prof Mahmood Mamdani and Dr.Stella Nyanzi has started work today.

Dr Nyanzi, a research fellow at Makerere University’s Institute of Social Research attracted media attention on Monday when she staged a nude protest to allegedly express her discontent over the continued closure of her office by the Director of the Institute, Prof Mahmood Mamdani.

According to the Vice Chancellor of Makerere Prof. John Dumba Ssentamu, the investigation is going to be headed by David Bakibinga from the School of Law and they should present their findings by Friday 22nd April 2016 after which the report will be presented to the University Appointments Board for consideration.

Among the issues the committee is expected investigate is evaluation of the extent of misunderstanding between the two, ascertain the working conditions at Makerere Institute of Social Research which is headed by Prof. Mamdani, the reporting and assignment structure of staff, the extent to which the two staff are disrupting each other’s mandate and claims that space at the institute is occupied by non-members of the university.

Meanwhile Dumba has also dismissed the allegations that he is using Nyanzi to fight Prof. Mamdani.

Story By Damalie Mukhaye