NRM to create more constituencies in its 2021 electoral road map

 By Samuel Ssebuliba

The National resistance movement has today launched its Political road map for 2019/2020 elections.

According to the road map, the period between Januarys to February 2019 has been designated for mobilizing all Ugandans to register with NIRA and get IDs.

In May this year NRM Caucus will expedite the enactment of enabling laws and creation of more constituencies, while in April there will be compilation of the NRM membership register.

Key activities in 2020 include parliamentary party primaries that are scheduled for May followed by an elective National conference in June, while presentation of the NRM presidential candidate to electoral commission will take place on 21st August 2020.

While releasing this road map, the party secretary general Justine Lumumba said that all necessary arrangements are ready to handle all campaigns and other auxiliary activities in the build up to the general election 2021.