NRM MP Silwany survives lynching over alleged voter bribery

Asuman Musobya

Police has fired teargas to disperse angry supporters of Justice Forum candidate, Asuman Basalirwa, who wanted to lynch the Bukooli Central Member of Parliament Solomon Silwany over allegations of voter bribery.

Silwanyi was reportedly found bribing voters in the ongoing Bugiri municipality elections with Shs 50,000.

He, however managed to flee to Planet Hotel in Naluwere from where police managed to rescue him with locals in full pursuit.

After about ten minutes, Silwany entered a police vehicle and was driven off to an unknown destination.

According to Basalirwa, Silwany and other NRM members allegedly spent Thursday night bribing voters to support National The NRM candidate, John Francis Oketcho.

Basalirwa has so far projected that the election will not be free and fair because of the heavy security deployment he reckons will threaten voters.

There has since been heavy deployment of police officers and the UPDF at every polling station in Bugiri municipality.

Busoga East police Spokesman, James Mubi, said police fired teargas not to harm people but to disperse locals who wanted to lynch the legislator.

Voting for Members of Parliament and mayors continues in the seven newly created municipal councils across the country.

The elections are taking place in Sheema, Ibanda, Bugiri, Nebbi, Kotido, Apac and Njeru.