NRM lawyers want appliaction dismissed with costs

The NRM has asked the Constitutional Court to dismiss with costs an application filed by one Benjamin Alipanga seeking to block the approval of party leaders.

In his application, Alipanga also seeks to block the popularization of the Kyankuwazi resolutions which pushes for President Yoweri Museveni’s sole candidature in 2016.

The NRM lawyers led by Kiryowa Kiwanuka argue that once this order is granted it will be in vain because all issues complained of were already implemented.

They add that the Secretary General, deputy as well as the treasurer have already been appointed and that the Kyankwanzi resolutions have already popularized.

While the Attorney General represented by Anthony Mwwambusya says the application does not disclose any issue to be determined or interpreted.

Meanwhile the petitioners’ lawyers led by Fred Muwema say their client’s application raises a prema fasie case and the matter is of national importance as it relates to the governance of this country.

The court session continues before Justice Stephene Kavuma.