NRM candidate takes Iganga parliamentary seat

BY Tausi Nakato, Ronald Seebe & Denis Edema

The National Resistance Movement candidate Brenda Asinde has won the Iganga district woman parliamentary seat.

The NRM‘s Asinde Brenda garnered over 43,000 votes, against her closest rival FDC’s Mariam Nantale’s 24,000 votes.

The other candidates who contested as independent are Oliver Kwagala, who emerged third in the race as well as Aisha Babirye and Aziza Kakerewe who came forth and fifth respectively.

Asinde was declared the winner of the by-election at 03:00am by the District Returning Officer Mercy Ataho.

“As the returning officer of the area , in accordance with section 58 of the parliamentary elections act , I declare Ms Aside Brenda Suubi who obtained the largest number of votes winner and district representative to parliament ,Iganga district,’’ She said.

Before declaring the winner, she announced the out of the 382 polling stations, only ballot papers from 378 polling stations counted following the cancellation of four over violence.

“ We have cancelled four polling stations and cases are being handled by police and these include Nabitovu polling station in Nakigo sub county ,cancelled after the valid and invalid votes exceeded the number of registered voters in the polling station , Bupingo primary school polling station, in ibulanku sub county were polling was interrupted, ballot boxes with its content together with ballot papers , booklets were grabbed by un know persons.’’

“Another one is Bulubandi primary school polling station in Nakigo sub county, a group of persons disguised as voters attacked the polling station, beat up the polling officials, grabbed the un used ballot papers, marked them, broke the seals of the ballot boxes and stuffed the box with marked ballot papers and Nakalama p/s M-Z polling station, we did receive the results,’’ she said

However, FDC’s Nantale has rejected the results saying the election was marred by intimidation, voter bribery and ballot stuffing.

Nantale says she is yet to consult her party and lawyers to decide the next course of action.

The Iganga District Woman parliamentary seat fell vacant following the death of Hailati Grace Kaudha.