Nominations of LC candidates ends today


The nominations of local council candidates which commenced yesterday will end today, and the elections will be held in 60,800 villages in the country.

Despite the low turn up of candidates for nominations, by 9am yesterday, prospective candidates had started arriving at different nomination centres across the city, with each being nominated on different party tickets.

But NRM and FDC dominated the centres.

Some of the candidates were accompanied by their supporters who waved their posters amidst cheers and music which thundered from the music system they moved with.

However, Daily Monitor was unable to establish the number of candidates as the officials were still compiling the total number, which they said would be available by today after finishing the entire exercise.

Sarah Naluggwa, one of the officials at the nominations centre at Central Division says the number of candidates seeking election is very impressive and we are really happy about it. It shows that people have been yearning for these elections and that’s why majority of them have decided to participate,”.