No Out Of Court Settlement For Dr. Besigye

High Court judge in charge of civil division Steven Musota has set the 3rd March 2016 to start hearing the defamatory case against FDC presidential candidate Dr.Kizza Besigye.
This is after lawyers from Kafeero and company advocates representing Col. Ndahura Atwooki Biraku informed justice Musota that the two parties had failed to settle the matter out of court.
This is the second time both parties have failed to reach an out of court settlement which prompted the judge to set a date for hearing.
Col. Ndahura alleges that Besigye uttered defamatory statements in 2012, when he accused him of having murdered Johnson Baronda in Rukungiri district during the 2011 general elections leading to his promotion.
He wants court to issue a permanent injunction restraining Besigye from publishing any alleged defamatory information against him.

Story By Ruth Anderah