Nkurunziza promise to step down by 2020 a hoax

By Ssebuliba Samuel.

Analysts have downplayed President Pierre Nkurunziza promised to step down by 2020.

This year Nkurunzizza won a referendum that allowed him to rule until 2034, but in a tern of event yesterday he announced his plans to leave power in 2020.

Speaking to kfm Amb. Herold Acheme an international relations analyst said that African leaders are unreliable and thus until he steps down, no one must believe him.

He said East African leaders have shifted goal posts when it comes to retiring and thus Burundi cannot be exceptional.

The 54-year-old leader ran for a controversial third term in 2015, a move which set off a wave of violence and an attempted coup that was foiled by government forces.