New water transport law in the offing after Lake Victoria accident

By Ritah Kemigisa.

The State Minister for Transport Aggrey Bagire has revealed that the ministry is drafting a new law to regulate water transport in the country.

The revelation comes days after over 30 people died in a boat accident on lake Victoria over the weekend.

According to Bagire the current law is too old having been enacted in 1964.

He says the draft is in its final stages and will soon be discussed by cabinet before it can be tabled in parliament.

Bagiire however says there are current rules and regulations governing water vessels sailing on water bodies.

He says the new law is line with the president’s directive to revive water transport in the country to boost tourism.

According to the current water transport regulations, any boat carrying more than 12 people is supposed to register and get a license as a passenger boat.

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