Nambooze suspended by DP NEC.

By Damali Mukhaye.

The Democratic Party has suspended its Vice Chairperson for Buganda region and Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament Betty Nambooze.

The motion to suspend Ms Namboze was moved by the DP youth vice chairman and seconded by a one Ritah Nakyanzi also a member of the youth League.

The party Deputy spokesperson Waiswa Mufumbira, says Nambooze has been suspended for 3 months and a committee has been instituted to investigate her conduct and behaviors.

The party’s top organ, the National Executive committee suspended Nambooze for defying the party president Nobert Mao.

Mufumbiro confirmed that among the 30 members of the National Executive Committee who attended today’s meeting 22 voted to have her suspended, four walked out in protest, One disagreed with her suspension while three absconded.

Earlier KFM spoke to Nambooze who expressed her frustration with the party saying she is fed up and done with DP.

Nambooze said she had informed them that she has been admitted in hospital but they went ahead and discussed her suspension in her absence.