Nakapiripirit residents who misuse mosquito nets to be denied food relief.

By Steven Ariong

Residents of Nakapiripirit district who misuse mosquito nets are to be denied food relief.

The directive has been issued by the Resident District Commissioner Mr.David Pedo to development partners after he noticed that most of the residents were using the newly distributed mosquito nets for trapping white ants, while others use them for building houses.

He said denying relief food to residents found misusing mosquito nets was the perfect way to stop from them from abusing them.

Recently government distributed millions of mosquito nets to Ugandans across the country with the aim of fighting malaria.

However, Ms. Sarah Nakut one of the mothers caught using mosquito nets for trapping ants tells KFM that since mosquitoes and white ants are all insects there is no harm as long as the net is washed.

Dr.John Anguzu the Nakapirpirit district health director says misuse of treated mosquito nets has made it hard for the health team to bring down the high malaria prevalence rate that stands at 55% in the district.