Mvara SS Closed After Another Violent Strike

Students of Mvara Secondary School have this afternoon been sent home after another violent strike  led to destruction of classroom and administrative blocks.

This is the second strike by the students within one week as the school prepares for the Athletic competition next week.

The students have destroyed glasses of the buildings after the school head teacher allegedly sent away some of the eight ring leaders of the strike.

This, according to some of the students who preferred not to be named for fear of rebuttal, incensed them and started throwing stones before the head teacher could inform the police arrived at the school.

On Monday, the students accused the administration of introducing new rules like of closing dormitories from 7:30 to 10 am and during the afternoon lessons.

“We did not receive this very well because it was inconveniencing us and last week, some students threw feacal matter in the administration offices. But today as we were for assembly, the head teacher wanted to send away the eight students who were arrested in the first strike. The headmaster called for police who then came and started firing teargas at us,” the student said.

The students also accuse the school administration of not addressing their issues which they raise to them. The Deputy Resident District Commissioner, Mr Swaib Toko, said: “We took the decision to close the school because we cannot see the students destroy the buildings. The governing board will have more decision after they investigated.”

The District Education Officer, Mr Marino Acia, said they would do screening of the students when they are reporting back. “We shall investigate both the action of the students and administration to find out the cause of the problems but as of now we don’t know the causes. There could be new reasons why there is core cause of the strike,” he said.

The school head teacher, Mr Cox Andama, declined to comment. “I cannot talk now and there are people who are above me who will talk,” he said as he walked away from reporters.

Mvara secondary school, the Anglican owned school has been peaceful from strikes in the past years. Two years ago, students of St Joseph’s College Ombaci were also sent home for weeks following a strike. Many of the strikes are allegedly caused by administrative problems and some unruly students.

Story By Felix Warom Okello