Muslims want Abiriga’s family compensated

By Shamim Nateebwa.

The Muslim community has asked government to take full responsibility of the family of the late Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga.

Leading prayers to honor the deceased Abiriga at Gadaffi Mosque, the deputy Mufti Ali Waisswa said government needs to start compensating all people killed while serving the nation Abiriga and not necessarily giving them condolence messages.

According to Ssemanbo Abiriga died in a honorable manner because he was not only duty a servant of the nation but also for heaven because he was murdered in the fasting period.

He adds that Abiriga has died as a martyr who should be honored calling for speculations regarding his death to be stopped.

Ssemambo has also warned criminals who are doing these acts of murder to stop adding that soon they will be apprehended further appealing to the family and the nation at large to keep patient.

Ibrahim Abiriga and his body guard and driver Brother Saidi Buga were shot dead on Friday just a few kilometers from his home in Kawanda, Matuga in Wakiso district.