Muslims re-echo calls for justice

By Ritah Kemigisa.

Uganda’s Mufti Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubajje has called for justice to be availed not just to Muhammad Kirumira but the Muslim community in Uganda as a whole.

Speaking during Special prayers held for the deceased at the Old Kampala Mosque, Mubajje termed Kirumira as friendly person who loved peace, and above all was a true Muslim.

Muabajje further tasked President Yoweri Museveni with answers explaining why the criminals seem to only target Muslims.

Sheikh  Mubajje also used the prayers to ask the army to le the Boda Boda 2010 Patron Abdallah Kittata be tried in the civil court and not the general court-martial where he is battling charges of unlawful possession of firearms.


The Second Deputy Mufti Sheikh Muhammad Ali Waiswa  has also called for Muslims to take decisive action, noting that Muslims around the country continue to live in fear.

Waiswa said Muslims need protection because many are in fear because they do not know who is next.


The Uganda Muslim supreme council spokesperson Nsereko Mutumba tasked the president to come out and allay the fears of Ugandans who are currently living in fear.

Mutumba also poked holes in the police investigations which he says never come up with reports.

Speaking during the same prayers at the Old Kampala mosque, the former FDC party President Dr Kizza Besigye said Kirumira left behind a big ask but called on Ugandans to continue fighting for what he believed in.

Besigye says even if they kill a person, they cannot kill his good intent.