Muslims case adjourned

Three judges of the international crimes division of the high court led by Justice Eziekel Muhanguzi have shortly adjourned the Muslim murder case to decide on whether to allow prosecution tender in a statement that was made by the late Hassan Kirya before he was murdered.

This morning prosecution witness number 23 senior superintendents of police Odongo Mark Paul told court that He interviewed and recorded a statement from the late Kirya in regard to threats on his life.

However defense lawyers led by Mark Dusman Kabega have objected to the statement being tendered in as an exhibit saying the maker of the statement is dead.

Kabega says  Kirya’s statement can only be tendered in  for  identification purposes not as an  exhibit to be relied on by prosecution in the murder case against the 14 suspects led by sheikh Yunus Kamoga said to have masterminded the murder of Muslim clerics countrywide.

In response state led by Lino Anguzo told court  that once someone  is dead a person who recorded the statement on his behalf  can tender it in court as exhibit.