Muslim clerics’ murder case: Witness fails to identify suspects

By Ruth Andera

Trial of 14 suspects alleged to have masterminded the murder of Muslim sheikhs; Mustafa Bahiga and Hassan Kirya has resumed this morning after a three-week suspension with prosecution presenting its 9th witness.

On the 2nd/November 2016, lead judge Ezekiel Muhanguzi of the International Crimes Division of the High Court halted this trial citing inadequate resources from the judiciary to facilitate witnesses and other court support staff.

Justice Muhanguzi noted that the court was in debt after taking the evidence of eight witnesses on credit and could not accumulate more debts.

He thus suspended hearing until the judiciary releases more funds.

Today Court took the evidence of a medical doctor Charles Madrama who says he examined two other suspects; Hakim and Amir Kinene to establish whether they are mentally fit to stand trial.

Dr. Madrama has told court that on the 21st and 22nd/January 2015, he carried out a psychiatric examination on both accused persons and established that they were both sane.

Prosecution also presented to court the suspects’ medical forms as exhibits.

However, on cross -examination by defence lawyer Macdusman Kabega, Dr. Madrama failed to identify the two accused persons he examined.

Amir and Hakim Kinene are part of the group of 14 other suspects including Shiekh Yunus Kamoga and his brother Sheikh Siraje Kawooya  who are on trial for murder , terrorism and attempted murder of Muslim leaders across the country.

Trial has been adjourned to tomorrow after lead counsel Lino Anguzu informed court that the second witness who had been summoned has failed to turn up.