Museveni visit to Kayunga divides residents

President Museveni’s visit to Kayunga District today has divided residents and leaders in the district.

A section of locals led by the lands minister Aida Nantaba also Kayunga Woman MP have faulted the president for allying with an alleged land grabber.

Some of those aggrieved by the president’s visit have vowed to shun the function organized by a renowned businessman and NRM diehard who is accused by residents of grabbing their land.

However Bosco Kalangwa denies any involvement in any shoddy land transactions.

Nantaba acknowledges being invited to the function but has vowed to shun it.

However Ntenjeru North MP Amos Lugoloobi is totally opposed to the idea of shunning the event saying he is more than ready to welcome the president in his constituency.