Museveni praises I K Musazi as corner stone for struggle against colonialists

By Damali Mukhaye

President Yoweri Museveni has commended the late Ignatius Kangave Musazi and other leaders who stood firm and liberated African countries from colonialists.

While presiding over the fundraising dinner for the construction of the I.K Musazi Innovation Institute on Friday evening, Museveni said hat during the 1930s, most chiefs in Africa who were colonized by the whites, failed to unit to fight the colonialists but were instead fighting each other.

He said it was strong leaders like Musazi who stood up against colonialists and put pressure on them using farmers and trade unions and later formed the first political party in Uganda, the Uganda National Congress.

He notes that other leaders in Kenya and Tanzania also borrowed a leaf from Musazi and they also exerted a lot of pressure on the colonialists and sent them out of Africa.

The president contributed 100 million shillings towards construction of the Institute and promised to sell some of his cows to raise more money because people like Musazi should be appreciated.

The family of the late Musazi’s who is remembered for his contribution to the liberation of this country needs Shs.240m to kick start the establishment of an innovation institute in his memory.

The government last week announced plans to construct an innovation institute to celebrate the effort the late Musazi invested to achieve Uganda’s independence ahead of the commemoration of the 57th independence anniversary on Wednesday next week.

Speaking at the same even last evening, the chairperson of the Innovation Institute Elizabeth Musazi said it will carry on the unique legacy of the late Musazi through teaching Ugandan youth self-help, patriotism and Pan Africanism among other programs.

She added that the institute would focus on 6 pillars including leadership and mind change, co-operative philosophy, farming, innovation and credit union which the late Musazi advocated for.

The 240m will only cover cost for the first phase of buying a 30 acre piece of land to kick start construction of the foundation.