Museveni lawyers poke holes in Mbabazi accusations

Lawyers representing President Yoweri Museveni in the 2016election petition have poked holes in the allegations of voter bribery leveled against their client.

Making their submissions at the ongoing hearing at the Supreme Court, lead counsel Didas Nkurunziza said claims that the president bribed voters using hoes are baseless.

He added that distribution of hoes was part of an ongoing government program.

He read out a sworn affidavit by the Prime Minister Dr.Ruhakana Rugunda backing his submission.

Nkurunziza has also pointed to accusations of use of derogatory language by the first respondent that reportedly caused intimidation of the petitioners’ supporters.

He says the allegations are baseless and untrue and asked that the first respondent be cleared of the said offenses.

Former Premier and 2016 presidential contender petitioned the Supreme Court challenging president Museveni’s re-election.

The president is jointly sued with the Electoral Commission and the Attorney General.

The petition is being heard by a panel of 9 judges led by the Chief Justice Bart Katureebe.