Museveni orders on sugar

President Yoweri Museveni has issued a directive stopping individuals in government from making undue gains from the current sugar crisis.

In a statement issued today, the president points to individuals whom he accuses of being greedy speculators, taking advantage of Ugandans.

The directive has been extended to all sugar factories and the recently licensed sugar importers, who are being asked not to sell sugar to individuals.

The statement likens such ministers to those in the Amin government, accused of arm-twisting importers to allocate them sugar.

The president is asking importers to use trusted agents, adding that politicians should buy sugar from the retail dealers like any other Ugandans.

The Inspector General of Police has also been directed to consult with the Attorney General on the possible disciplinary measures to be taken against such ministers.

Museveni is giving assurance that the current shortage of sugar will soon be sorted out blaming the hiked prices on extortionists.

A kilo of sugar currently costs between 6000/= and 7,000/= in different outlets, while it’s scarce in major shopping centres.