Museveni blames western powers for Africa’s problems

By Judith Atim

President Yoweri Museveni has issued a missive in which he blames Western powers for conducting wars of aggression which have since turned to what he calls curses to the perpetrators.

The missive titled “Casualties of Western Neo imperialism and African weakness” characterized by a hard hitting tone against the West and an assertion of the president’s authority also blames African leaders for betraying the continent.

He further argues that before the Western countries killed Col. Muamar Gaddaffi, Libya, with its small population of only 6 million people, had the second biggest amount of electricity in the whole of Africa after South Africa and was becoming a big source of investments for the rest of Africa as well as a market for African products.

The president asserts that the destruction of Libya has also led to terrorist groups invading Mali, Cameroon, Nigeria, Niger, and other countries.

In light of this, President Museveni says African leaders should never have allowed external powers to attack any part of the African soil without their permission.

Outside the continent, he cites attacks on the twin-towers, in New York in 2001 that led to Western Invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, saying two of these wars by the West against Independent and Sovereign States, were clearly wars of aggression and were unjust wars.

He says It is only the war in Afghanistan that was a just one because the Al-Quaeda, had carried out aggression against the USA and so It was correct that the USA responded and dislodged the Talibans and their allies, Alquaeda, from Afghanistan.

Owing to all these, he has questioned why Africa should tolerate such disruption caused by foreigners.