Museveni faults Rukungiri residents for voting opposition

By Benjamin Jumbe.

President Yoweri Museveni has faulted the people of Rukungiri for voting FDC Members into leadership.

He was addressing a rally in Nyakagyeme Sub-County ,Rujumbura County, in Rukungiri District last evening.

The president said those voted are inexperienced in leadership and only survive on lies and propaganda, leaving the NRM leaders who have a time tested track record in finding solutions to the country’s challenges.

He said it is the Movement which fought Amin, Obote, Kony, ADF and brought about peace asking what opposition has done to deserve leadership.

In a number of stop overs that he made around Rukungiri Municipality, President Museveni advised the people not to be detracted by politicians who come to them to seek their mandate so as to better themselves and never advise them on how to boost their household income, overcome poverty and better their way of life.