Muntu explains why he left FDC,points out failure to reconcile two strategies as major point

By Damali mukhaye.

The former president of the opposition forum for Democratic change gen Mugisha Muntu has pointed out the failure to reconcile two strategies as the major cause of him quitting the party.

Addressing journalists in Kampala, Muntu says that that he was of a different strategy as compared to the defiant one which Tue current president Patrick Amuriat subscribes too,and the two failed to reconcile between which one to go with.

He says that if he had remained in the party,the internal fights were going to continue hence it was Paramount for him to leave.

He advises Amuriat to go ahead and rebrand the party  and attain stability since all the people he has remained with believe in one strategy.

Muntu has formed his own party named the new formation along side other party members.