Mukula appeal ruling for March

Mike Mukula

Court has set March the 13th for the ruling on Capt. Mike Mukula’s appeal.

He appeared this morning before High Court Judge Judge David Wangututsi for further hearing on an appeal challenging both his conviction and four year jail sentence on charges of embezzlement.

Mukula’s lawyers led by David Mpanga submitted to court that their client was erroneously convicted for embezzlement.

However, presenting the state response, Syney Asubo opposed the appeal on grounds that Mukula was pubic employee and so must be held accountable for his actions.

The judge has however, questioned why Mukula was charged with embezzlement of only 210 million shillings yet he is said to have misappropriated 253 million.

He said that according to evidence before him, former health minister Jim Muhwezi was in control of the money since he personally took the 54 million to the office of the First Lady.

Mukula is now expected to return to court on March 13th for the ruling on his appeal.

Meanwhile over 70 of his supporters have been chanting praises of the former minster out side he court room