MPs warned to go slow on increasing their allowances

By Moses Ndhaye

A consortium of civil society Organizations under their umbrella body civil society budget advocacy group (CSBARG) are up in arms against Member of Parliament who plan to increase their allowances.

MPS have since planned to increase their allowances by 39% and that of the parliamentary staff by 15%, citing rising costs of living.

The group’s executive director Julius Mukunda has threatened to mobilise voters in various constituencies to shun and fail to vote them in the upcoming general election come 2021 if they do not reverse their decision.

He proposes that the allowances which total up to over shs 63.4 billion be allocated to other priority sectors which are underfunded.

Currently each of the 459 legislators earns anywhere between 15million  to 30million shillings  every month, depending on how far their constituency is from Parliament Building in Kampala, the seat of their legislative business.