MPs Vow To Fight On For Tax Exemption

Members of Parliament have maintained that they will return the Income Tax Amendment Bill 2016 to the president unchanged.

This comes a day after President Yoweri Museveni rejected the bill passed last month that sought to exempt MPs’ allowances from taxation and returned it for reconsideration.

According to a press statement issued by state house yesterday, president Museveni said it was politically and morally wrong for MPs to use their position to increase their salaries and also exempt themselves from paying taxes.

He further argued that the decision by MPs does not promote good practice because it risks undermining the integrity of both the courts and the parliament.

“I do not support the decision of parliament and iam accordingly returning the Income Tax (Amendment) Bill 2016 for reconsideration by the House” said president Museveni in a statement.

The bill was widely criticized by members of the public and civil society that accused legislators of being selfish.

However MPs including Ruth Nankabirwa and William Nzoghu say parliament will not change its position.