Mps asked to surrender half of their pay to support Landslide victims

By Damali Mukhaye.

The minister of relief, refugees and disaster preparedness Eng Hillary Onek has asked all Members of Parliament to sacrifice half of their pay for six months to raise 16 billion shillings towards the construction of houses for bududa landslides victims.

This followed the death of 46 people from the landslides that hit Bududa leaving a number of people injured and displaced.

Receiving a donation of over 85M shillings from the Chinese government for supporting the landslide victims, Eng Onek said that the ministry has already drawn plans of constructing 900 homes for the victims on the land purchased in Bulambuli district but needs 16 billion shillings for construction.

He argues that if the legislators are patriotic enough, they should sacrifice half of their pay to raise the required amount so as to expedite the transfer process of the victims

The cash donation and food were handed over by the Chinese ambassador to Uganda Zheng Zhu Qiang