MP Singh Katongole storms out of court

Rubaga North MP Singh Katongole has stormed out of Court, as hearing of the case challenging his election as MP continues.

This is after High Court judge Kibuuka Musoke accused him of trying to arm-twist the court and delay justice in the matter.
Katongole was sued by political rival Moses Kasibante, who also claims to have won the race.

Hearing of the case failed to kick off earlier this month after the MP said his lawyers had quit the case without notifying him.
Appearing before court today, Singh Katongole said he had appointed senior counsel Godfrey Lule who had sent one Peter Musoke to represent him.

Justice Kibuuka Musoke has however chased Musoke from Court, saying he did not qualify to appear before the High Court.
The judge said Musoke who only got his advocates’ certificate in January this year, has to practice before magistrates’ courts for a whole year before going to the High Court.

Justice Musoke adjourned the case shortly, instructing Singh Katongole to either represent himself or find a lawyer immediately.

The MP however failed to find a lawyer and instead accused the judge of being biased against him.
Katongole then stormed out of court and drove away after the judge declined to grant him yet another adjournment.

Justice Musoke ruled that he will not step down from the case despite being accused of bias and ordered that hearing of the case continues today.

Story by Ruth Anderah