More tourists to visit Uganda museum after renovation


Government is expecting the number of tourists both foreign and nationals visiting the Uganda Museum to increase upon completion of its renovation.

The museum which was built by the British colonial government in 1954 with a sole reason of keeping the national heritage is expected to get a face lift worth Shs 450 million from government next financial year 2018-2019.

According to the assistant commissioner department of museums and monuments Samuel Alfred Kizaalwa, currently they receive 30 foreign tourists a day but local ones vary from season to season.

Kizaalwa says foreign tourists pay Shs 10,000 per head while local ones pay Shs 5,000 and students Shs 3,000 respectively.

He adds that in total government collects Shs 100 million per annum from tourists who come to visit the museum but is hopeful this will hugely improve after the renovation.