More Controversy Builds around Mbabazi’s Letter

Controversy surrounding former premier Amama Mbabazi’s presidential aspirations has taken a new twist.

The Electoral Commission chairman, Eng. Badru Kiggundu now says he has never cleared Mbabazi for any activity.

Speaking at a consultative meeting for political parties and organizations in Hoima district, Kiggundu said the letter he received from Mbabazi announcing his presidential ambitions had glaring gaps.

Kiggundu added that the letter had uncoordinated claims and so he advised Mbabazi to seek clearance from his party, the police and consult the relevant laws.

He said that after receiving Mbabazi’s letter, he later learnt that his supporters were distributing his posters and T-shirts even before he is nominated as a presidential candidate.

Asked why the president’s posters and billboards are already up, Kiggundu said he had ordered the NRM party to pull them down.