Mixed reactions pour in over Robert Mugabe’s death

Robert Mugabe, who has died aged 95, was ousted when his previously loyal military generals turned against him. Photo by AFP


Ever since the announcement of Robert Mugabe’s death, this morning, people have taken to social media to comment on the rule and life of the man who was president of Zimbabwe for 30 years. The president of Zimbabwe Emmerson Mnangagwa tweeted on his handle, “It is with the utmost sadness that I announce the passing on of Zimbabwe’s founding father and former President, Cde Robert Mugabe.”

Reactions to his announcement have been varied with some praising the former statesman and others demonising him.

@Thabeloramu tweeted, “He failed dismally as statesman.”

@jjnr_lesson995 in reply to those who were condemning Mugabe said, “You don’t know anything about politics bro- leave this to those who breathe for it. He Mugabe stood firm on a vision for African Independence. Show me any country which has control at its land of Agriculture?”

Others just had one word to express their feelings, such as @RichardBull55 who simply said, “Good.”

A number of those who praised Mugabe spoke about the land issue in Zimbabwe which is still a national problem the state is trying to fix. @chitiya_liberty tweeted: “Condolences too to HE @edmnangagwa, and #RobertMugabe legacy is strongly on land. He #demystified white monopoly & claims over #African land. That’s his legacy that the Second Republic sought & have achieved in preserving. He was our warrior in resisting homosexuality too!”

Robert Mugabe, who used repression and fear to hold on to power in Zimbabwe in his later years as president, was ousted from power in a military coup in November 2017.

From that time, his health declined and he had been receiving treatment in a hospital in Singapore since April.

Mugabe leaves two sons and a daughter by second wife Grace.