Misagga accuses Ssimbwa of lack of professionalism

Former SC Villa Coach Sam Ssimbwa
Former SC Villa Coach Sam Ssimbwa

SC Villa club chairman Ben Missaga has hit back at coach Sam Ssimbwa over the reasons the latter cited for his resignation on Thursday.
Ssimbwa accused him of a lack of professionalism.
Misagga also accused the coach of constant arguments with the club’s fans as well as a boring brand of football.

Misagga is quated by Sunday Monitor as saying “we had invited him to the club’s disciplinary committee to answer allegations that he has constantly been insulting players but he refused to honour it and we decided to take action”. “There have been a spate of other incidents and one player complained to me this week that he referred to them as rotten tomatoes,”Misagga added.

Preliminary reports from the club suggested Ssimbwa, who replaced sacked Stephen Bogere last August, had been dismissed for insubordination.
But the 2012 league winning coach with Express dismissed the talk saying he has resigned his position as SC Villa coach because of what he called disrespect by the club.

Ssimbwa, 48, won two Kakungulu Cup titles with Mbale Heroes (1999) and Express FC (2007) before capping a league gong with the Red Eagles in 2012 – their sixth in history.