Ministry of health to distribute mosquito nets

The ministry of health has revealed plans to distribute mosquito nets nationwide worth over 51M dollars in efforts to control malaria disease.

Addressing a press conference at the ministry of health today Dr. Ruth Achieng said the nets will be distributed country wide starting with northern Uganda because it’s the worst hit area.

She says the exercise will kick off on 9th December till 24th April 2017 with the registration exercise kicking off this month.

Achieng explains that the exercise targets 85% of the population to be able to have access to long lasting insecticide mosquito nets.

She says 24 Million nets will be distributed country wide up from the 21.5m nets distributed in 2013/14.

The mosquito nets will distributed by village health teams aided by security personnel and the local councils.

Wakiso and Kampala will be served last because of the lowest malaria burden.

The minister appealed to the public to register for the nets because no mosquito nets will be given to anyone who hasn’t been registered.