Minister Jim Muhwezi case challenging his eviction flops again

By Ruth Anderah.

 Hearing of a case in which former information minister Jim Muhwezii s challenging his eviction from block 273 Kyamula Salaama Road in Makindye division has been pushed to May 28th due to the absence of trial Judge Paul Gadenya Wolimbwa.

Last week Muhwezi petitioned the High Court seeking to halt an order from Makindye magistrate’s court which gives one James Mubiru the power to own one acre of land in Salama Kyamula in Makindye Division.

Muhwezi claims he is the rightful owner of the land in question having purchased it from a one William Hitmana in 1995.

He also contends that his eviction from the said land is pre-mature because there are pending court cases and staying orders which Mubiru overlooked before securing an eviction order.

However Mubiru says he filled his case before the commission of inquiry into land matters in June 2017 but since then his compliant has never been handled.